10 Fascinating Animals Found in Antarctica
Some of the world’s coolest creatures thrive in the one of the coldest ecosystems.
What is Sea Foam?
No, it’s not a mermaid’s cappuccino
How Does Carbon Pollution Impact Our Ocean
The well-being of our ocean depends on emissions reduction.
Four Lesser-Known Marine Mammals
Brush up on your marine mammal trivia.
What the IPCC Report Says About Our Ocean
To protect our ocean from climate change, we must act now
Get to Know Goatfish
With goatees and more than 50 species, there is a lot to learn about goatfish
Is Composting Good for the Ocean?
Reflections on composting, plastic pollution and more from the 2023 International Zero Waste Cities Conference in the Philippines
How the U.S. Can Cut Maritime Emissions
New report analyzes approaches to decarbonize the U.S. fleet
Peek Inside a Deep-Sea Research Vessel
Meet Schmidt Ocean Institute’s new research vessel, the Falkor (too)
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