Confronting Climate Change

Taking the ocean into account is critical for successfully addressing climate change, and addressing climate change is critical for the future of the ocean.

Take the Arctic Corporate Shipping Pledge

Ocean Conservancy launches pledge to protect the Arctic

The Arctic is warming two to three times faster than other parts of the planet—resulting in shrinking summer sea ice, restructuring of marine ecosystems in ways never seen by humans, and great uncertainty for people living in the region. Increasing vessel traffic on Arctic shipping routes poses additional risk of greater impact.

As Arctic ice continues to diminish because of climate change, it opens the possibility of cargo traffic through ocean routes that were previously unnavigable. And though these routes can offer decreased transit times, increasing vessel traffic on Arctic shipping routes poses great risk and potentially devastating environmental impacts.

What Can Companies Do to Help?

The Arctic Shipping Corporate Pledge is a voluntary commitment by consumer goods and shipping logistics companies to not send ships through the globally significant but rapidly melting sea ice and other unique habitats of the Arctic.


“Ocean Conservancy applauds Nike for recognizing the real bottom line here is a shared responsibility for the health of the Arctic—and believes the pledge will spur much-needed action to prevent risky Arctic shipping and hopes additional commitments to reduce emissions from global shipping will emerge.”

Janis Searles Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Conservancy
Hilary Krane

“We know climate change impacts how our athletes train and play, and whether they get to enjoy sport at all. Through this pledge, we’ve made a clear choice—to help protect the planet and preserve the Arctic .

Hilary Krane
EVP, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Nike. Inc.

Take the Arctic Corporate Shipping Pledge

To join the pledge, or to get more information, please email: [email protected]

Download pledge [PDF]

As companies who ship goods across the globe, we acknowledge that greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping are jeopardizing the Arctic and will continue to do so even if we avoid Arctic Trans-Shipment Routes. As such, we will continue to explore ways to reduce emissions from global shipping. As companies who care deeply about climate risks already impacting or threatening Arctic peoples, sea life and ecosystems—we refuse to add to the risk of greater impact and pledge to:

1. Avoid Arctic Trans-Shipment Routes
a. For Consumer Goods Companies: Recognizing the potential impacts, we voluntarily agree not to intentionally allow our product to be trans-shipped on vessels via Arctic Trans-Shipment Routes, as shown in the map below. Similarly, no ocean carrier or freight forwarder retained by us may have our product on a vessel sailing or intending to sail these Arctic Trans-Shipment Routes.
b. For Logistical Service Providers: Recognizing the impacts, we voluntarily agree not to intentionally sell services or allow our vessels to use Arctic Trans-Shipment Routes as shown in the map below.

2. Promote Precautionary Arctic Shipping Practices
a. In addition to our pledge to avoid Arctic Trans-Shipment Routes, and recognizing that some companies may refuse to make that pledge, we support the development of precautionary Arctic shipping practices to enhance the environment and human safety of current and future Arctic shipping. These practices may include a ban on heavy fuel oil use and carriage in Arctic waters, designation of the Central Arctic Ocean by the International Maritime Organization as a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area, evaluation of low impact shipping corridors that protect important ecological and indigenous cultural areas, and adoption of strict pollution controls.

To join the pledge, or to get more information, please email: [email protected]


How You Can Help

Climate change and the impacts on the Arctic are not an opportunity to exploit new shipping routes, but instead a global issue we all must take action to address.

Visit Ocean Conservancy’s action center* to learn more about what you can do to help the ocean.

Take Action Today

*By clicking this button, you will be directed to Ocean Conservancy’s action center.  Nike and the other signatories of the Arctic pledge are not associated with any actions or positions found on this or other Ocean Conservancy pages.



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